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Take a minute to download a FREE copy of The Secret by Robert Stuberg. The simple concept it contains has been called “The most important idea in the world.” Even if you think you know what it is, see if Robert’s recording gives you some new insights into this remarkable idea. Don’t miss the chance to hear The Secret and put it to work in your life starting today!

After listening to The Secret,  check out the other books and audio programs by Robert including The 12 Life Secrets,  Creating Your Ultimate Destiny and The 12 Wealth Secrets which have received praise from experts like Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, and many others. (See Testimonials for more information.)

Robert Stuberg

Robert Stuberg is one of the world’s leading authorities on personal and professional success. As an entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, and consultant, his results-driven strategies for achievement have earned him constant praise for his life’s work. His goal in life is simple: to help people reach more of their infinite potential by helping them to access and share what they do best.

Robert Stuberg has a rare gift of helping people to discover and develop their Unique Talent™  by clarifying the one thing that they are meant to do. Although many people spend their entire lives looking for their true purpose or calling, Robert can often uncover and explore a person’s Unique Talent™ in one simple conversation.

Here is what Robert Stuberg believes about finding your place in the world: “There is nothing more important in life than discovering your purpose — i.e., that place in the world that only you can fill. I call this your Unique Talent™. Don’t rest until you find it.”

A complete biography for Robert Stuberg can be found in the About section under Biography as well as more information on Robert’s key professional roles including:

Author – Robert has created a wide range of products focusing on personal and professional success including The 12 Life SecretsCreating Your Ultimate Destiny, and The 12 Wealth Secrets.

Coach – Robert offers a wide-range of coaching programs that focus on personal and professional success.

Speaker – Robert is an outstanding public speaker who excels at helping individuals and companies create lasting change.

Consultant – If you are a business owner and you would like to massively increase your profits while developing an extraordinary lifestyle, you owe it to yourself to talk with Robert.

Entrepreneur – Robert lives the entrepreneurial way of life. He is constantly developing new business ventures that are an extension of his lifelong interest in expanding human potential.

Publisher – Robert is passionate about publishing. He loves to help his clients package their unique knowledge and ideas as well as to help them to bring that wisdom to the world.

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“Robert Stuberg’s name may be new to you, but he’s someone you’ll hear a lot about in the future. Don’t miss an opportunity to hear his program, The 12 Life Secrets. It’s terrific! Robert possesses a rare gift of being able to communicate his ideas in ways that will immediately capture and excite your imagination.”

Anthony Robbins, author of Personal Power

“Robert Stuberg combines enlightened wisdom with good, old-fashioned common sense–to come up with a recipe for life mastery anyone can follow and benefit from… The 12 Life Secrets shows the way to inner peace and happiness. Listen to what Robert Stuberg has to say!”

Wayne Dyer, author of How to be a No-Limit Person

rohn“Robert Stuberg is a profound modern philosopher… The 12 Life Secrets is an inspired look at what it takes to lead a happy, healthy, and successful life. You’ll be surprised how simple it is once you get started.”

Jim Rohn, author of The Art of Exceptional Living

tracy“Robert Stuberg and Creating Your Ultimate Destiny give you the tools you need to design, build, and maintain your ideal life. The principles in this program will show you the way to the ultimate destiny of your dreams! Listen to what Robert Stuberg has to say. He’s tremendous!”

Brian Tracy, author of Action Strategies for Personal Achievement



“I can’t say enough good things about Robert Stuberg’s The 12 Life Secrets. It is a complete blueprint for a successful and happy life and a road map to getting everything you could ever want. His timeless philosophies will provide you with a solid foundation in this quickly changing world.”

Denis Waitley, author of The Psychology of Winning

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