Robert Stuberg lives the entrepreneurial way of life. He is constantly developing new business ventures that are an extension of his lifelong interest in expanding human potential. Robert believes that there is nothing more exciting than turning visions into reality. One of his passions is helping others to become more self-directed and creative in business which is the focus of his specialized coaching for entrepreneurs.

Listed below are a few of Robert’s current ventures, partnerships, and alliances.

Success Systems International, LLC

Success Systems International, LLC is Robert’s primary holding company for his many business ventures. It has owned and operated numerous companies including Success.com which Robert founded in 2002. Success.com quickly grew into the premier source for personal and professional development products and services worldwide. In 2008, Robert struck a deal with Success Magazine in order to make Success.com a part of that publication which was originally founded way back in 1891 by Orison Swett Marden. Success Magazine has been led over the years by such renowned authors as Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone, and Og Mandino. Robert has contributed many articles to the magazine over the years.


After merging Success.com with Success Magazine, Robert Stuberg then launched a brand new personal development website in 2008 called Success.bz which offered many new personal development products and services. The focus of Success.bz was coaching and developing a new generation of success experts. This website venture featured Robert’s ongoing Success Blog which contained many of his views on success as well as ongoing features including Success Articles, Success Interviews, Success Newsletters, Success University and his widely popular and innovative life management program, LifeOrganizer™. Robert struck a deal and sold the customized programming code created for Success.bz in 2017. At the same time he merged many of his products and services into his personal website Stuberg.com. He maintains ownership of the domain Success.bz (and its sister site Failure.bz) to provide wider access to some of his free materials.

Strategic Publisher

Strategic Publisher provides high-end consulting to individuals and groups seeking to expand the reach of their message through books, audio programs, video programs, software, radio, TV, and/or the Internet. Strategic Publisher specializes in all aspects of publishing from conception to finished product. Robert has created a trademarked process for amplifying a message so it can reach the widest audience possible. This is the same process that he uses to develop his own products.

Intent Management Systems

Intent Management Systems helps clients take advantage of Robert’s trademark process called The Opportunity Packaging Process™. This process is  designed to help individuals and companies identify their best opportunities for future growth and then develop the strategies, systems, and procedures needed to take full advantage of their biggest and most profitable opportunities. This process focuses on the big picture relative to what an individual or company possesses as a unique product or service offering along with how to take best advantage of that offering. Product and service creation, enhancement, operations, and delivery are all studied in order to come up with the best forward-thinking strategic plan and implementation action steps.

Hypnology Research Institute

Hypnology Research Institute is dedicated to researching and developing cutting-edge mind programming technologies that enhance human performance. Hymnology Research Institute is the place to visit to learn about the latest developments in everything from self-hypnosis to mind electronics.


LifeOrganizer™ is a complete life management system that allows you to take control of ever area of your personal and professional life. Its innovative features include The Goals Planner, The Wealth Planner, and The Destiny Planner along with a collection of many other amazing planners. It is an integral part of Robert Stuberg’s coaching programs that allow clients to implement success concepts with great clarity and focus. The power of LifeOrganizer™ is in its ability to help you get more done in less time.


DreamVenture™ is an interactive, virtual reality goal mastery simulation. It has been called “The Matrix of Personal Development.” In the game, you enter a 3-D world where you experience challenging events that will test and build your real-world time management, leadership, and decision-making skills.