Robert Stuberg specializes in packaging knowledge and ideas, and bringing that information to the broadest possible marketplace. He provides high-end consulting to individuals and organizations seeking to expand the reach of their message through books, audio programs, video programs, software, radio, TV, and the Internet.

Robert Stuberg will assist you in all aspects of publishing, from initial conception to finished product, from marketing to international distribution. He is the creator of  The Strategic Publishing ProcessTM which is designed to amplify your message so that it will reach the widest possible audience. This comprehensive publishing method has been used for decades to produce thousands of successful publishing projects. Now is the time for you to share your wisdom with the world!

You’ve developed enormous expertise and insights through your personal and professional experiences. Now is the time to bring that wisdom to the world. Sharing what you’ve learned and experienced is one of the most exciting, powerful, and profitable things you will ever do.

The Strategic Publishing ProcessTM is a trademarked analysis and strategy process designed by Robert Stuberg to assist authors and organizations with the development of their publishing projects. Robert is a widely respected publishing executive. After more than a decade at Nightingale-Conant Corporation, Robert left his position as Executive Vice President to pursue his own business endeavors including the creation the company Strategic Publisher with his trademarked publishing process.


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Take a closer look at The Strategic Publishing ProcessTM listed below. This unique process is designed to guarantee the success of your project.

Step One:


The Genesis Stage is the starting point for your publishing journey. After completing this phase you will clearly understand how you can use publishing to expand your reach in the world. You will receive a Situation Analysis that will steer you in the right direction.

Key Questions:

– Is there a big idea or compelling concept to act upon?
– Is publishing the right and/or best action based on the client’s needs?
– Is there a thorough understanding of what it takes to publish a product?
– What is the primary reason why the client is seeking to publish?
– What are the key deliverables and essential outcomes from the project?
– What are the client’s expectations about the publishing process?
– What would have to happen for the project to exceed the client’s expectations?

Deliverable: Situation Analysis

Step Two:


The Discovery Stage will allow you to begin answering the essential questions that will determine your publishing success. After completing this phase, you will possess a new level of clarity regarding your project and essential outcomes. You will receive a Publishing Proposal that will allow you to see how your wisdom will be developed.

Key Questions:

– What are the client’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) personally and professionally?
– Who is the author and what are his or her credentials?
– What makes the author uniquely qualified to present the topic?
– What are the best uses of a new product and what kind of product would provide the greatest benefit for the client?
– What kind of product with what kind of positioning will achieve the client’s outcomes?

DELIVERABLE: Publishing Proposal

Step Three:


The Exploration Stage will give you concise overview of your product from start to finish. After completing this phase, you will have an outline of your finished product along with a sample of the actual product. You will receive a Publishing Plan that will crystallize your product in great detail and bring total focus to your publishing mission.

Key Questions:

– What is the Ideavirus™ or Unique Marketing Proposition™ the product is based upon?
– What will make the product unique or special compared to other products already on the market?
– Who is the exact target audience and how will they be impacted, changed, or influenced by the product?
– What is the most elegant way to create the product and achieve the client’s outcomes while enjoying the process?

DELIVERABLE: Publishing Plan

Step Four:


The Engineering Stage will give you an analysis of the costs and timeframe for your product. After completing this phase, you will know exactly what your product will require from a budgeting standpoint as well as a timeframe for completion. You will receive a Publishing Budget that will allow you to move forward with complete confidence.

Key Questions:

– What resources are needed to create the product — i.e., editing, ghostwriting, graphic design, etc.?
– Who is going to complete the various components to the product?
– What systems and procedures will be used to create the product and manage the process?
– What is the timeframe for product development?
– What are the prices for each product component?
– What is the overall budget estimate?

DELIVERABLE: Publishing Budget

Step Five:


The Prototype Stage will give you a model of what the final product will look like in form and function. After completing this phase, you will be able to see and touch a draft version of your finished product. You will receive a Product Proof that represents the finished product.

Key Questions:

– How can the product be created in a way that all of the client’s outcomes are realized within the established budget?
– What kind of draft version of the product will best serve to illustrate the final product to the client?
– When will the draft version of the product be available for client inspection and review?
– Are there any final revisions that are required to make the product even better and/or exceed client expectations?

DELIVERABLE: Product Proof

Step Six:


The Construction Stage will take you through the steps necessary to manufacture your product. After completing this phase, you will have the final product ready to sell to end users or to the various distribution channels. You will be ready to begin distribution in the marketplace.

Key Questions:

– How many products are needed to serve the initial market demand and have any changes happened that affect the established budget?
– What vendors are best suited to manufacture this specific product–i.e., printers, binders, assemblers, etc.?
– What vendors will best meet the established price, quality, and delivery requirements?
– Are the quality requirements for manufacturing being met?
– Are delivery times being met?

DELIVERABLE: Completed Product

Step Seven:


The Launch Stage will provide you with a focused plan for distribution. After completing this phase, you will know exactly how your product will be distributed, and you will have clearly defined distribution opportunities. You will receive a Distribution Plan that covers all aspects of getting your books into the hands of your target audience.

Key Questions:

– Which distribution sources are best suited for the product?
– What is the best way to move the product into the appropriate distribution channels?
– What systems need to be utilized in order to maximize product distribution?
– What needs to be communicated to each distribution source to maximize product exposure in the target marketplace?

DELIVERABLE: Distribution Plan

Step Eight:


The Debrief Stage will allow you to look back over your success and consider your next steps. After completing this phase, you will have a heightened sense of confidence regarding your publishing abilities. You will receive a Project Assessment that will provide you with a plan for your next best steps in the world of publishing.

Key Questions:

– What is the overall assessment of the project?
– Were the client’s outcomes achieved?
– Is the client a “raving fan” of our services?
– What are the appropriate next steps to take?
– When would be the right time to continue on with the publishing process by launching another project?
– What would be the best next project to begin discussing?

DELIVERABLE: Project Assessment

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Robert’s experience comes from working personally with this generation’s best-known and most successful authors. Robert has worked personally with the best of the best, from Tony Robbins to Stephen Covey, from Deepak Chopra to Ken Blanchard.

Robert has brought his years of experience to the publishing industry with an unmatched ability to help you create your unique message and distribute it to the world.


Here are what are few of Robert’s publishing clients have to say about this work:

If you’ve ever thought about publishing your ideas, you owe it to yourself to talk with Robert Stuberg. No matter what you want to publish, Robert Stuberg can assist you in every step of development from conceptualization to product creation to worldwide distribution. His experience and expertise in publishing books, audio programs, video programs, software, and all other forms of media are unparalleled.

— Vic Conant
President, Nightingale-Conant Corporation

“Robert Stuberg’s mastery in the areas of product production, marketing, publishing, and distribution is unmatched. He can show you how to capture your wisdom and share it with the world. Robert’s talents are extraordinary and I highly recommend him.”

— Dan Sullivan
President, The Strategic Coach

I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying working with you on my book project. Your Strategic Publishing Process is exactly what I have needed to get my thoughts organized and finally complete my book. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with your guidance and coaching.”

“I can now see why you were so highly recommended to me as someone with unique insight and total mastery in the areas of product production, marketing, publishing, and distribution. You are helping me to share my ideas with the world, and I greatly appreciate your contributions to my life.”

“Thank you for helping me to realize my vision.

— James F. Thomas, Jr.
Senior Advisor, Superior Planning

I attended a very helpful publishing workshop you held in the Chicago area last October. I am writing to let you know that, finally, my book is out. The name of the book is called ‘The CEO Challenge: A New Paradigm for Delivering Sustainable Results’.”

“Thanks for all your help.

— Patrick J. Below
The Below Group

Thanks for an unbelievably powerful coaching session.”

“You just helped me take my idea to write a book and bring it up to an outline in much less than an hour. Now I’ve magically leapfrogged from thinking about the book to actually being deep into completing it.”

“It is my lucky day!

— Teddy Herzog

Robert Stuberg’s mastery in the areas of product production, marketing, publishing and distribution is unmatched. He can show you how to capture your wisdom and share it with the world. Robert’s talents are extraordinary and I highly recommend him.

— Richard G. Petty, M.D.
President, RGP, Inc.

Robert, thank you so much for all of your assistance in getting my book written. I’ve read the final version a few times now and I have to say that it sounds just like me only smarter.

— Kay Allison
President & Founder, The Energy Infuser

I can’t thank you enough for helping me to write and publish my book. Being a published author has given me a whole new level of credibility in my industry. I’m now viewed as an expert in my field and my business is growing like never before.

— Chuck Sabadie
President, Sabadie & Associates

You had the vision, and we can’t thank you enough for pushing me to complete this project. We are getting one book sold for every 5 internet website hits, and one book sold for every 13 email ads sent out. We did an incredible amount of sales in the first month, and it’s been increasing with each passing month!

— Barion Mills
Barion Mills Insurance

Thank you so much for all your guidance and direction in completing my book. My message is clearer, easier to read, and ready for the marketplace as a result of your expertise. Your ability to focus on a project and improve it is amazing.

— Rick Furmanski
Author, Consultant, and Investor