Robert Stuberg focuses the majority of his time on his business endeavors and entrepreneurial pursuits; however, he is also an outstanding public speaker who excels at helping individuals and companies create lasting change. Because of Robert’s extensive business background and his connections to the best peak performance experts in the personal development industry, he is someone who speaks from a depth of unparalleled experience and skill. His programs range from 30-minute keynotes to ongoing training workshops, guiding you and your organization through the most powerful ideas available for creating the results you are seeking. When you select Robert Stuberg for your presentation, he will contact you personally and assist you with a needs analysis for your organization. With your input and Robert’s expertise, you and he together will create not only the most memorable, but most successful programs to enhance performance and profitability.

Robert comes highly recommended from a wide range of meeting planners and professional speakers who have been exposed to his work. People from Tony Robbins to Brian Tracy to Ken Blanchard give him their highest recommendations. In addition, Robert has a long list of clients who emphasize how customized his programs are for their specific objectives. Robert views himself as more of a consultant than a speaker and he shows up armed with certainty and a toolbox of the world’s most powerful ideas, techniques, and philosophies to put you on the fast track to your goals and objectives. His focus has always been on helping people bring out the best in themselves and their organizations. Robert’s straightforward philosophy of personal achievement and success has earned him a reputation for making the best even better!

Available Topics —

  • Discovering Your Unique Talent™ — Learn what you are meant to do with your life by discovering your most powerful talents, strengths, abilities, and passions.
  • Life Strategies … How to Create the Life You Most Want to Live — Learn the 4 essential steps you must take to have your life exactly the way you want it.
  • How the Best Get Better — Learn the secrets that keep the world’s top achievers improving themselves year after year.
  • Time Mastery — Learn the most powerful time management system on the planet. It’s called The CPR Time System™ and it will revolutionize your life.
  • The 12 Life Secrets —  Learn the 12 most powerful principles for achieving what you want in life.
  • Creating Your Ultimate Destiny —  Learn the key secrets for creating your best life.
  • The 12 Wealth Secrets — Learn the 12 most important principles for creating financial independence.
  • Sell and Grow Rich — Learn how to increase your income through selling and persuasion.