How to Be a World-Class Coach




The field of Personal Coaching is expanding rapidly. Finally there’s a book that can teach you the essentials of becoming a world-class coach.

Robert Stuberg presents rare insider information gained from years of experience working in the field of personal and professional development. As a Personal Success Coach to many wealthy and influential clients, Robert knows what produces results.

If you have an interest in becoming a coach or you are already a coach and you would like to expand your coaching practice, this is a must-read book!

Here are some of the tools discussed in “How to Be a World-Class Coach”:

Tool 1: Get Clear; Take Nothing for Granted
Tool 2: Understand the Priorities
Tool 3: Know Your Assets and Limitations
Tool 4: Set Motivational Goals
Tool 5: Invest in the Necessary Resources
Tool 6: Enforce Responsibility
Tool 7: Enforce Mutual Respect
Tool 8: Feedback, Reward, and Discipline
Tool 9: Call Frequent Time-Outs
Tool 10: Recognize All Opportunities
Tool 11: Motivation and Teambuilding
Tool 12: Be of Service
Tool 13: Keep Your Eye on the Prize
Tool 14: Offer Post-Game Analysis

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