Provocative Destiny


Music That Will Change Your Life



Musical Intelligence. It could be one of the greatest learning breakthroughs in this generation, the fact that music can greatly aid your memory retention and the immediate recall of information.

Now, in “Provocative Destiny, ” British master musicians The Academy of Sound come together with one of America’s foremost success and motivational experts, Robert Stuberg, to create something with the power to alter your reality forever. It’s essentially the soundtrack to your new life, music that will inspire you to determine your own unique destiny and provocatively motivate you to achieve it!

Here’s a listing of the tracks on this unique program:

1. Faith
2. Destiny
3. You Are Unique
4. A Little More Faith (extended remix)
5. An Even Greater Destiny (extended remix)
6. You Are Most Definitely Unique (extended remix)
7. Faith (instrumental)
8. Destiny (instrumental)
9. You Are Unique (instrumental)

The goal for this breakthrough program is to help you harness the power of your innate “Musical Intelligence” to absorb potent motivational messages and secrets of success and use them to create amazing new directions in your life. Musical Intelligence is a development within the exciting field of Accelerated Learning Techniques that enables you to have incredible memory retention and immediate recollection of information because of the emotional stimulus of words rhythmically blended with music. “Provocative Destiny” will deliver great words of wisdom in a very entertaining and enjoyable, yet very inspirational, way. This unique combination of motivation and entertainment – developed by The Academy of Sound – is called “Ambionic Music.” Ambionic Music is designed to penetrate all levels of your consciousness, aiding in your retention of the messages and your motivation to act upon them. And although your Musical Intelligence will help you remember the words early on, you may listen to each track over and over again for enjoyment, reinforcement, or a concentrated pick-me-up in times of challenge or indecision. You may actively listen to these arrangements or even keep them on in the background: the message will still be heard, understood, and retained. You only have to allow that message into your consciousness, to become the soundtrack to your new and better life, and it will become a reality for you, as it has for countless others.

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