Success Coaching




Success Coaching is indeed the best-kept secret of the super-rich. And now through this one-of-a-kind book, Robert Stuberg teaches you what you need to know about coaching based on his personal experience working with some of today’s richest and most successful individuals.

There is simply no question that personal coaching with the right coach can transform your life. Use Robert Stuberg’s “Success Coaching” book as your manual to a new and more rewarding life.

Here’s a partial list of the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: What Do You Want?
Chapter 2: Narrow Down Your Goals
Chapter 3: Who Do You Have To Be?
Chapter 4: Expand Your Mind
Chapter 5: Ask a Better Question
Chapter 6: Financial Planning
Chapter 7: Emotional Conditions
Chapter 8: Transform Obstacles
Chapter 9: The Power of Influence
Chapter 10: Create Certainty

Read “Success Coaching” today and watch your life transform!

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