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Have you ever asked yourself this question? What’s most important to you in life? Your answer is critically important. In fact, your answer may start you down the road to an entirely new journey with an ultimate destiny you haven’t ever dreamed of until now.

Now’s the time to ask and answer the questions that will take you where you really want to go in life. The Destiny Planner helps you define and clarify your most important values in their order of importance. Don’t spend another minute wondering what your purpose in life is all about. Discover it today.

Nothing is more important than finding your purpose in life. It’s the central idea that should govern everything you do. Yet few people know their purpose. Don’t let that be you. Discover your purpose in life and watch your passion for living absolutely explode.

It’s been said that your destiny is shaped in your moments of decision. Make the decision to start using The Destiny Planner today!

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The questionnaire below is designed to allow you to create your Mission and Values Statements which make up your destiny plan.

The Destiny Planner is designed for current coaching clients who receive a special coupon to order it at no charge. Your answers are saved on your computer automatically and are not removed until you clear your browser cache. Your answers are finalized in your cart once you click “Add to cart” at the bottom so please verify your answers are correct before submitting. If you notice a mistake after adding this product to your cart, please remove the product from your cart and return to this page to make any corrections that are needed.

Part One


NOTE: Each box can be expanded so you have the space necessary to answer each question.

Part Two


NOTE: Each box can be expanded so you have the space necessary to answer each question.

This section is designed to help you prioritize your values and emotions including what has to happen in your life in order for you to experience them. It is critically important that you prioritize and define the emotions that you want to experience or move toward as well as the emotions you want to avoid or move away from. Use the lists and examples below as a reference.

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Gratitude – Love – Passion – Contribution – Confidence – Security – Peace of Mind – Excitement – Approval – Achievement – Recognition – Happiness – Growth – Respect – Creativity – Adventure – Making a Difference – Acceptance – Success – Intelligence – Courage

Examples of positive emotions along with the conditions that create them for you:
1. Love
– When my spouse tells me that she loves me.
– When my family and friends spend time with me.
– Etc.
2. Success
– When I reach financial independence.
– When people congratulate me on my achievements.
– Etc.

* * * * *

Anger – Rejection – Fear – Depression – Humiliation – Indecision – Unloved – Loneliness – Embarrassment – Unappreciated – Impatience – Failure – Jealousy – Dishonesty – Stress – Defensiveness – Negativity – Denial – Laziness – Inferiority

Examples of negative emotions along with the conditions that create them for you:
1. Anger
– When someone does something to make me mad.
– When I see someone doing something wrong.
– Etc.
2. Rejection
– When someone doesn’t agree with me.
– When someone tells me I’ve made a mistake.
– Etc.
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